Things to do in Plovdiv

The second largest city in Bulgaria, we were immediately enamoured with this pretty city. Much in the way Riga, Latvia’s culture capital won our hearts. 

Let’s look at the best things to see and do in Plovdiv and why you might want to include this vibrant city on your Bulgarian itinerary.

Explore Plovdiv Old Town

Cafe’s, bars and restaurants share real estate with Byzantine, Roman and Bulgarian antiquities including; the most impressive Roman amphitheatre in the Balkans which is still in use today.

Get Lost in The Trap

Plovdiv’s new art district is creating an exciting social, cultural, and economic flow for the city with festivals, exhibitions, workshops, and so much more.

Beautifully Preserved History

Antiquated churches and remnants of old trade routes between Europe and Asia blend with museums and art galleries.

Regional Ethnographic Museum

The second largest specialised museum of this type in Bulgaria, more than 40,000 items relating to Bulgarian folk culture over the centuries are on display there.

The Church of St. Konstantin and Elena

The church was erected to honour the place where the martyrs Severin and Memnos were beheaded in 304 for professing their Christian faith when paganism was still prevailing.

Plovdiv Roman Stadium

Surrounded by the Turkish Dzhumaya Mosque built in 1363 and a myriad of pretty neoclassical buildings, you get a real sense of Plovdiv’s incredible history.

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