24 Things to do in Israel


We spent a few weeks travelling through Israel, exploring the country’s most important sights, beautiful landscapes and exciting cities.

We hope to inspire others to see Israel beyond the conflict, beyond the politics and see a destination that is unique and extraordinary. A wonderfully complex country with so much to offer.

Meet the People of Israel

The people of Israel give great insight into the complex story of the country. To use the old cliche, Israel is the veritable melting pot of culture.

The Old City of Jerusalem

Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem is, without a doubt, one of the top things to do in Israel for both tourists and pilgrims.

Pilgrimage to the Holy City

With a history deeply rooted in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, The Holy Land has been a focal point for pilgrims for millennia.

Visit the Most Important Holy Sites in Jerusalem Old City

Religion is an integral feature of Israel, and faith has played a central role in shaping Israel’s history as well as its current culture and lifestyle.

Temple Mount

The Temple Mount, known to Muslims as the Haram  esh-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), is one of the most important holy sites in the world.

Visiting Dome of the Rock

Non-Muslim visitors are not allowed to enter the Dome of the Rock but can view the exterior from the Temple Mount courtyard.

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