The Bright Northern Lights Of Iceland-Our Winter Wish List

A few years ago, we were both fortunate to witness firsthand the beauty of the southern lights while working in Antarctica and the magic of the Aurora Australis.

Ever since we have both yearned to witness the northern hemisphere’s celestial magic. The Northern Lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Ice Caves

Each year delivers different caves; each one is unique, possibly never to be seen again the following season. This type of rare natural beauty will stay with you forever.

The Northern Lights

Winter brings long nights and a mysterious beauty: the Northern Lights. To see an aurora is one of the most beautiful and mystical celestial displays one can witness.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

The Blue Lagoon has been voted one of the top ten medical/thermal spas in the world. With added saunas and massaging waterfalls, this is a mid-winter indulgence we could certainly embrace.

Ice, Snow And Winter Sports

Skiing is always on the top of our list but with glacier hiking, caving and snowmobiling also on offer, skiing may drop down the list this time.


Iceland boasts an impressive 130 volcanoes. Not all are active, but over the centuries, most have played a hand in helping shape some of Iceland’s biggest natural attractions.

Local Life And Culture

Iceland is well known for having one of the friendliest and happiest cultures in the world. Picturesque cities and towns and a very hip scene happening in the capital.

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