Sri Lanka- Best Of The South West Coast and Hill Country

Due to years of turbulent politics and civil war, Sri Lanka was all but closed off to the outside world of travelers, save for cricket, Sri Lanka’s other religion.

A destination, due to either personal views or just an ethos of safe travel, was not on the agenda of the average traveller or tourist.

Visit Fort

The beautiful promenade stretches around the seaward sides of the city and is being refurbished back to its old colonial glory.

Enjoy High Tea

There are some really lovely spots for high tea in Colombo, but the Old Dutch Hospital won’t disappoint with its lovely atmosphere and delightful array of cakes and tea.

Sunset on Galle Face Green

This is a very popular place for people to come and chill out, watch the sunset, and grab a bite to eat at the food stalls along The Green in the evening.

Wander Through Colombo Markets

The markets are worth spending a few hours wandering around; just try not to get run over, though. The traffic around the markets is pretty hectic.

Getting Around Colombo

Tuk Tuk’s are a great, cheap form of transport, but save yourself any arguments and only get the metered Tuk Tuks. And make sure they turn the meter on.

Catching the Train from Colombo to Kandy

When in Sri Lanka, the third thing you must do other than drink tea and talk enthusiastically about cricket is travel by train.

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