Fall Colors in Quebec and the Best Places to See Them


Quebec is incredibly vast and is one of the best places to visit in Canada. It’s about three times the size of France, with ten times fewer people, give or take.

Due to the sheer size of the province, you will want to know the best destinations for fall colors in Quebec before planning a fall trip.

Mont Tremblant

The gorgeous mountain landscape, complete with a quaint ski village and a small lake where you can appreciate the vibrant fall reflections makes it hard not to love Mont Tremblant in the fall.


It’s a place where one can escape the city while enjoying some of the best amenities in Quebec, such as restaurants and spas.


From scenic winding roads to wonderful culinary experiences, Oka has a lot to offer, especially in the fall.


It’s a lovely 4 km stroll around the boardwalk. Make sure to taste the gelato from Savoroso ice cream parlor.

Quebec Region

If you want a mix of culture and nature, Québec City is undoubtedly the place. Views on the Plaines d’Abraham are gorgeous, and Quebec has a fascinating history.

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