17 Small Towns in Florida Worth Visiting


If you stray a bit from main tourist hotspots like Orlando or Miami, you’ll find a treasure of unique small towns in Florida.

Each has something special: an untouched coastline, a historic downtown, or a quirky museum.

Palm Beach

Home to a picture-perfect waterfront, bustling entertainment, and vibrant neighborhoods, Palm Beach is a bit of a hidden gem in South Florida.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s quaint streets and attractions bring to life the history of Florida, while you also get modern entertainment and lots of beach goodness for those who like to mix things up.


The island is dubbed the  sport-fishing capital of the world, but if fishing is not exactly your jam, there’s plenty more to keep you entertained during your visit.


Reminiscent of Old Florida but with a burst of colors splashing every scene, the main thing to do at Matlacha is to slowly stroll its streets in search of artsy stalls, fresh seafood, and laid-back beachy vibes.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel’s beaches are covered in shells. Shell collecting has become the island’s claim to fame, and joining a “Sanibel Stoop” (as locals call the shelling) is a must-do activity here.

Captiva Island

Captiva focuses on the outdoors and activities around nature. Think biking, fishing, sailing, relaxing on the beach, hunting for seashells, swimming, hiking, and other watersports.

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