Get the Most Out of Your London Trip with These 6 Free Attractions

There’s so much to do and see in London, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Include some of these free attractions in your London itinerary to stretch your travel budget further. You may even see a different side of London.

The Scoop

This amphitheater, situated near Tower Bridge, seats 800 people and offers free entertainment, including film screenings, live music, and plays.

Postman’s Park

Made famous by Natalie Portman and Jude Law’s scene from the movie, this park is unique; it is a Victorian memorial for people who died saving someone else’s life.

Changing of the Guard

Every night, without fail, a new guard replaces the guard on duty with a ceremony. The process takes around 45 minutes and takes place daily during the milder seasons.

Angel Comedy

The comedians range from  brand-new acts to famous comedians who want to do a dry run of their next big show. Angel Comedy promises free laughs for everyone who visits.

Speaker’s Corner

Every Sunday, people gather to speak and discuss social issues, politics, and other relevant topics. It’s famous for allowing citizens to speak freely, although the police have silenced people for profanity in the past.

Notting Hill Carnival

Over a million people visit the carnival every year, with 50,000 performers at the event. If you’re in London during August, put the Notting Hill Carnival at the top of your list.

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