11 Rome Cooking Classes for the Culinary Traveler


From classic Italian dishes and traditional Roman recipes to modern fusion cuisine. You can enjoy hands-on pasta-making classes or an interactive pizza masterclass.

Here, we explore some of the best cooking classes in Rome – perfect for visitors who want an immersive experience of Italy’s rich culinary culture.

3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli and Tiramisu Cooking Class in Rome

You’ll learn the techniques to create pasta dough, choose the right ravioli fillings for the season, make pasta sauces, and master the art of tiramisu in one fun Italian cooking class.

Combo Pizza and Pasta Cooking Class

The Combo Pizza and Pasta Cooking Class in the Roman countryside is the perfect way to escape the city and experience Italian pasta and pizza like never before.

Pizza Class in Rome around Piazza Navona

Enjoy a unique pizza making class in Rome that takes you through the traditional art of pizza making in one of the most beautiful restaurants off Piazza Navona.

Pasta and Tiramisu Home Cooking Class

The class is hosted by a mother and daughter team in their beautiful home at the top of Gianicolo Hill. This 4.5-hour cooking class suits families, couples, or groups of up to 6 people.

Cook a Classic Italian Meal Inspired by a Roman Grandmother

During the instruction, you will learn their Nonna’s special recipe for gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce and her famous Millefoglie cake based on puff pastry and custard cream.

Seafood Cooking Class and 3-course Dinner in Rome

The 3-hour Seafood Cooking Class and Dinner experience is suitable for beginners and more experienced cooks.

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