8 Reasons You Should Visit Ometepe Island Nicaragua


Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, ticks all the boxes, no matter what type of holiday you are looking for.

Admired for its diversity of experiences: adventure, nature reserves, rainforests, diverse wildlife populations, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear freshwater pools, archaeological sites, and friendly hospitality—specifically, ‘Ometepe’.

Climbing Maderas Volcano

Maderas stands at 1,394 meters, and while it is an easier climb than Concepción due to the established cloud forest, it is still by no means an easy feat.

Climbing Concepción Volcano

Concepción stands at 1610 meters high, a steep climb up mostly loose rock and scree.

Kayaking Ometepe – The Rio Istian

Rio Istian is teaming with wildlife, and the constant loom of the volcanoes makes for a spectacular backdrop.

Ometepe Wildlife

Quietly cruising down the river, you can spot caiman taking the sun on the banks, white-faced and howler monkeys in the trees, and an array of birds that would make any Twitcher twitch.

Ojo de Agua Ometepe

There are many beautiful black beaches around the island, offering safe swimming in the clean, clear waters of the “freshwater sea” that is Lake Nicaragua.

Swimming at Ojo de Agua Ometepe

Ojo de Agua is situated on the north-eastern side of the island’s isthmus. It has two pools fed by thermal spring water from an underground well in the upper pool.

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