Reasons to Visit Leros Island Greece

The Aegean hides a little secret just off the Turkish coast, one the millions of tourists who circuit the Greek Islands on package tours and cruise ships don’t know about yet!

Among a group of islands known as the Dodecanese, nestled between Kos and Samos in the azure waters of the Aegean, you will find the island of Leros.

Authentic Greek Island Experience

While Leros does not have stretches of white sandy beaches, it offers deep, crystal-clear bays and coves lined with pebble beaches and traditional tavernas.

Visit Apitiki Hill – The Castle of Leros

The medieval castle of Leros sits perched atop the hill with neighbouring windmills lining the ridge, like soldiers in a row, overlooking brightly coloured clusters of picturesque cobblestoned towns.

The Northern Towns of Leros

The small fishing village of Panteli and the more touristy areas of Agia Marina and Alinda are charming representations of what one expects of the Greek islands.


Lakki has now replaced Platanos as the main business centre on the island offering supermarkets, butchers, numerous grocery stores, boutiques, a gourmet deli and many cafes and restaurants.


The southern side of the island is also home to the quaint fishing village of Xerokampos, which offers a nice beach, holiday studios, and traditional tavernas.

Gourna Bay

Like all the churches in variously hidden coves, cliff sides and hilltops, this is in excellent condition and more than likely you will find fresh incense or a candle burning.

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