How to Pack Shoes For Travel

Shoes can take up valuable space and add quite a bit of weight to your luggage – especially when it comes to men’s shoes or winter packing.

However, with some smart packing techniques, you can maximize space and minimize the weight of your bag while ensuring your shoes and clothes remain in great shape.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Take?

A good pair of sneakers, sandals, and comfortable flats are usually enough for your travel footwear wardrobe.

Pack Flat Shoes Last, or Use Pockets

Flat shoes like flip-flops or sandals can go in last as they will lay flat on top or slip in the sides to fill gaps. Utilize those small spaces.

Position Shoes Strategically to Optimize Space

Position your shoes strategically in your suitcase to optimize space—for example, pack shoes around the corners and edges of your suitcase.

Stuff Shoes to Maintain Their Shape and Save Space

Stuffing shoes with socks or underwear can help them maintain their shape and save you some space.

Use Shoe Bags to Keep Shoes Separate from your Clothing

Shoe bags are a great idea for keeping shoes separate from your other belongings and preventing shoes from getting scuffed.

Wear Bulky and Heavy Shoes on Travel Days

Your bulkiest shoes will typically be boots or sneakers, which can be the most comfortable for lugging luggage through an airport.

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