Best Things To Do in León Nicaragua

León has long been considered the political and intellectual centre of Nicaragua.

Laying claim to some of the countries most important poets and musicians as well as some of Nicaragua’s most beautiful historical buildings.

Take a City Tour

To understand León is to have a greater understanding of Nicaragua. So much of the cities history was pivotal in the shaping of the beautiful country Nicaragua is today.

Visit the Cathedral of León Nicaragua

An incredible room at the back of the cathedral filled with religious statues and church relics in various states of repair.

Climb the León Cathedral Roof

Every aspect of this cathedral, whether standing on the roof or admiring the facade, will overwhelm you with how intricately beautiful and historically fascinating this building is.

Hear the Story of The Revolution of Nicaragua

Across from the main plaza, you will find the real heroes of Nicaragua. At the Museum of the Revolution, there are tours led by a group of men who fought to bring peace and opportunity to the country.

See The Murals of the Revolution

These are a testament to the importance of what took place both here in Nicaragua and León and are very much part of León’s identity.

Discover Indigenous León

The Sutiava neighbourhood is still recognised for its large indigenous population, its cultural and historical significance and is also home to León’s oldest church, San Juan Bautista Sutiava.

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