Like a Local Guide To Istanbul

Want to experience the best of Istanbul like a local? Then take a local’s guide to Istanbul tour. Sure, a visit to Turkey wouldn’t be complete without visiting all the best attractions in Istanbul.

But, if you have a spare day in Istanbul, make like a local and take the path less tourist-trodden or just wander the streets.

Panorama 1453 Museum

The centre point of the museum is a 3D panoramic depiction of the actual 15th-century siege. A massive dome, hand painted by eight artists over five years.

Kariye Museum – Chora Church

The majority of the frescoes and mosaics depict the lives of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, including some rare depictions of the birth and life of Mary herself.

Süleymaniye Mosque

It is the largest mosque in the city and a landmark that sits atop the third hill of Istanbul. So while many see it, many do not visit.

Istiklal Avenue

Head into the Pera district and take a stroll down the famous Istiklal Avenue. A 1.4 km pedestrian strip lined with shops, restaurants and historical patisseries.

Explore the Pera District

Stopping for mint tea in our guides favourite cafe we got to meet some of the local cafe crowd and discuss the best places to eat and shop in the district.

Visit Cité de Péra

Built in 1876, the covered arcade houses rows of historic cafes, wine houses and restaurants. It epitomises the European side of Istanbul.

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