Landmarks in South Africa: 13 Most Iconic Places to Visit

South Africa is a country with a rich history and culture and is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Each one shares a facet of a beautiful country.

A tour of the landmarks in South Africa is an interesting and immersive journey into the heart of the Rainbow Nation.

Table Mountain

You’ll find several hiking trails of varying difficulty on the mountain, from leisurely walks to more challenging climbs. Take a trail to the top, or one to just enjoy the mountain.

Kruger National Park

It’s the perfect place for a traveler’s first African national park experience. This huge reserve lets you experience the nation’s beauty with its wide range of terrains and dense wildlife populations.

Robben Island

Robben Island is located just off the coast of Cape Town, and is an important and historic landmark. Originally a political prison, it was then used as a leper colony.

Blyde River Canyon

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, this Blyde River Canyon offers unforgettable views of towering cliffs and rich plant life.

Apartheid Museum

If you’d like a true understanding of the country’s past, the triumph of democracy, and its ongoing journey towards unity, make it a point to stop here while you’re in Johannesburg.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

This world-famous landmark in Cape Town is a busy hub of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It overlooks the ocean and has Table Mountain as its backdrop.

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