5 Must See Landmarks in Brazil


Brazil is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing street carnivals, its immense rainforests and biodiversity, and of course, its love of football.

Brazil also has some world-famous architecture that every visitor should make time to see.

Christ the Redeemer

Located at the top of Corcovado mountain, 700 meters above the city of Rio, Christ the Redeemer, a cultural icon of both Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, has become a symbol of Christianity across the world.

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

The Museums flying saucer design strangely lends itself to its location on a cliff overlooking the beach like an alien landing scene from a B grade sci-fi film.

Cathedral of Brasília

The crown-like cathedral, completed in 1970 features 16 curved concrete columns each weighing 90 tons, and 131 feet tall said to be designed in a gesture of hands moving towards heaven.

The Lacerda Elevator

The Lacerda Elevator, the creation of wealthy local businessman Antonio Francisco de Lacerda has two towers and four lifts, each carrying 27 passengers.

The Amazon Theatre, Manaus

As a testament to the wealth of Manaus thanks to the rubber boom of the time, the theatre was built as the most elegant tribute to European cultural tastes in the heart of the Amazon.

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