3 Easy Travel Photography Tips for the Best Landmark Shots


With platforms like Instagram awash with the same photos of famous landmarks around the world, how do you make your shot unique? 

Here are three simple travel photography tips to help you get the best shots of world-famous landmarks and stand out from the Insta crowd.

Think About The Edit

There are loads of great photo editing tools available to download for both mobile and PC which can completely transform your photos.

From comprehensive professional editors to simple on the go editors for your mobile – you’ll find plenty of photo editing software reviews online that explain their features.

Change The Vantage Point

Changing the angle or vantage point even slightly will give your image an alternative view.

Different shooting angles can highlight different backgrounds, capture light in a different way, you may even be able to capture a completely different mood or atmosphere to the traditional.

Incorporate a Human Element

Landmarks vary tremendously from manmade to natural landmarks such as Halong Bay in Vietnam or the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.

Other famous landmarks may be working buildings or public areas, such as the Empire State Building, which is a place of work for many, or Red Square in Moscow, which is a public square and a huge tourist attraction.

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