Hiking on the Amalfi Coast


With so much spectacular scenery, it makes sense that there are some incredible hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast.

While there are plenty of beautiful towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast, hiking the Amalfi lets you explore the area’s rich culture and natural diversity.

Sentiero dei Limoni  (Path of Lemons)

This short hike connects the sister cities of Minori and Maiori through the coast’s iconic lemon groves.

Termini–Punta Campanella

Monte San Costanzo is the highest hill in the area, with a breathtaking view of Massa Lubrense and the Gulf of Salerno.


We’d call this a fairly easy trail, but it can be more challenging on the way back. People like me, with dodgy knees, may consider hiking poles.

La Torre dello Ziro  (Tower of Ziro)

As the name implies, the highlight of this hike is spotting the Tower of Ziro, a 15th-century outpost with a rather dark story—it’s even rumored to be haunted.

Sentiero degli Dei  (Path of the Gods)

The Path of the Gods trail has it all. From the stunning sea views to the thrilling  (but admittedly leg-shaking) challenge of walking down nearly 1,800 steps.

Valle delle Ferriere e dei Mulini

The highlight of the trip is the spectacular view of Amalfi from Potone. You’ll also get to see waterfalls around the Valle delle Ferrier.

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