Best Hiking in Nashville For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nashville offers all the tried and trusted hotel chains, local upscaled Old Town inns and motels with a unique Nashville vibe to a historic museum-hotel hybrid.

There are plenty of hotel choices to make sure you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the stunning Nashville scenery.

Radnor Lake

Due to its popularity, you’ll find this urban oasis a hot spot with local walkers, cyclists, joggers, and dog owners.

Volunteer Trail

Whether you choose to tackle the whole 10.7 miles or take a short walk along part of the route, Volunteer Trail is perfect for all hiking abilities or even a simple picnic on the shores of the lake.

Mossy Ridge | Percy Warner Park

When it comes to hiking near Nashville, many locals will tell you a hike through Warner Park is a must. Moderately strenuous, the 7-mile loop is popular for both trail runners and casual strollers.

Hidden Lake

Harpeth River State Park spans over 40 miles (64km) of beautiful Nashville countryside. While boasting a couple of quaint day trails, by far its most popular trail is the hike to Hidden Lake.

Beaman Park

Despite the fact Beaman Park is known to stay frigid long after the rest of Nashville has thawed, you can still expect beautiful wildflowers running along the trails throughout most of the year.

Burgess Falls Trail

At around 1.5 hours from Nashville, Burgess Falls State Park on the Falling Water River is a great day trip with family-friendly hikes.

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