The Best of Matagalpa, Nicaragua’s Coffee Country

Matagalpa Nicaragua has stunning landscapes, beautiful cities, and some of the finest chocolate and coffee in the world. Don't you mind a fine cigar?  Then this is the region for you too.

The northern mountain region of Nicaragua; Matagalpa may be Nicaragua’s famed Coffee country, but it has so much more to offer than just a good brew.

What to do in Matagalpa

Matagalpa is an excellent base for those interested in coffee, cocoa and tobacco farms. It also offers great hiking, scenery and wildlife encounters.

Matagalpa Coffee Tours

The entire mountain region, including nearby Esteli, specialise in eco and agri-tourism, so this is the place to get back to nature and get a first-hand experience of local farming cooperatives.

How Coffee is Grown and Harvested

As we walk through the plantation, we consider some of the coffee facts being presented: - A seed will take one month to germinate.

- The seedling will mature for another six months before being planted, under the advice of a specialist who is brought in to decide which of the seedlings will or won’t make the grade.

- It will be another three years until the first harvest, which will only take place for three months commencing each November.

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