Taking the Ferry From Spain to Morocco


Getting from Spain to Morocco is quite easy. Especially as there are many flights into Morocco. However, taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco might be a better, faster, and more enjoyable option.

There is also something more exciting and atmospheric about arriving in a new country by boat or train rather than a sterile airport environment. You are immersed in the country as soon as you arrive.

Tarifa to Tangier City

Quite a pretty town in its own right, Tarifa is the European capital for wind sports such as kite and windsurfing.

Algeciras to Tangier Med

Algeciras is slightly better connected than Tarifa, so it is easier to get to, and sometimes the ferries may be slightly cheaper.

Algeciras to Ceuta

Ceuta is a Spanish enclave on the African continent, so you will have a land border crossing from Ceuta to enter Morocco.

Gibraltar to Tangier Med

The British enclave in Spain no longer has a regular weekly schedule. Depending on the season, they can range from one ferry per week to one per month.

Malaga to Melilla

Malaga is a large tourist city on Spain’s Costa del Sol but is not ideal for catching the ferry between Spain and Morocco.

Almeria to Nador

You can expect around 3 crossings daily across the various ferry companies. Ferries leave in the afternoon and evening, taking anywhere from 6 – 9 hrs, depending on the vessel, service, and weather.

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