Exploring The Central Playa Grande Ruins- Vieques Island

If you want something to do on Vieques Island other than lazing around on pristine Caribbean beaches, head into the jungle in search of some 19th century ruins.

The Central Playa Grande Sugar Mill was once the production centre of a thriving sugar industry on Vieques.

So how do you find this little secret of Vieques?

Heading west along road 200 past the Vieques airport you need to take the first sealed road on the left after Mosquito Pier. Follow this road along until you see this small sign on the right hand side.

You will need to turn around towards the dirt road and head left into the jungle. Look for ribbons on the trees and these buildings as you walk in.

Keep walking in and you will start to come across pieces of the old mill.

And then the ruins will start to appear through the jungle and the layout of the old mill will become clearer.

The island of Vieques has an incredibly rich and sometimes controversial history.

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