8 of The World’s Best Wildlife and Wilderness Destinations


A remote jungle or a region of pristine wilderness. Places where the air is clean, nature still rules, and magnificent landscapes overwhelm us with their majesty and beauty.

Here, these destinations are considered some of the most luxurious and unique experiences in the world.

Wolf Tracking in Romania

In addition to the largest brown bear population in Europe, the pristine wilderness is also home to the elusive Eurasian Grey Wolf.

Over Alaska by Air

One hundred miles from any paved roads, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, you will find a luxury experience centred on adventure.

Loisaba Tented Camps, Kenya

The unfenced camp lies in the vicinity of the elephant migration corridor, which means elephant sightings are possible from the comfort of the strategically located tents.

Orangutan Sighting in Sabah, Borneo

Head to Sandakan to visit the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and to discover an incredible abundance of unspoilt rainforests and tropical rivers.

Spot Wild Tigers in India

India is home to a fascinating amount of flora and fauna from grasslands to forests, lakes, and rivers. All of which is a pristine habitat for the tiger.

Wild Antarctica

Orcas, leopard and elephant seals are always a highlight as is the possibility of a rare blue whale sighting. For the bird enthusiast, Albatros and numerous species of petrels are a common sighting.

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