Crossing The Border in Cyprus Nicosia – One City, Two Countries

There is something evocatively appealing about experiencing two intrinsically different cultures with such ease as is the case on the Cyprus border.

Cyprus is so much more than a lazy beach destination. Visiting the capital may not be on the top of the “To Do” list for many of the island’s visitors.

Things to do in South Nicosia

The appeal of the southern side of Nicosia lies mostly in exploring the narrow lanes lined with quaint tavernas and traditional Cypriot lace stalls.

Walk the Green Line

Take a walk along the Green Line and stop at various points for a drink, like at Berlin Wall No 2 on Fanerwmenis Str.

Explore Nicosia’s Orthodox Churches

A gentrified melting pot of people. A place where students, hipsters, well-heeled ladies and the elderly come to enjoy the open city space.

Things to do in Northern Nicosia

While the southern side oozes character and charm, the North offers more attractions within their half of the walled city.

Visit the Beautiful Mosques of Nicosia

Part mosque, part French Gothic church, this building has a fascinating history. The mosque is still a place of worship but can be visited daily outside of prayer times.

The Bedesten

This fascinating building has recently undergone extensive renovation and has been recognised with the Europa Nostra Award for cultural heritage.

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