Camel Trekking in Morocco – Experience a Sahara Desert Tour

Camel trekking in Morocco is one of the most iconic travel experiences you can have. A Sahara Desert tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Riding a camel into the Sahara Desert to spend a night under the stars in a desert camp will also be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

What to Expect from the Sahara Region

The Sahara, the most extensive desert in the world, starts in Morocco with a flat, arid, rocky landscape. A mixture of sand and rock.

Where do Sahara Desert Tours Leave From

Covering an area of 9.4 million square kilometres, the Sahara engulfs most of North Africa. Few places in the world compare. The Sahara covers Morocco’s western border.

Preparing for Camel Trekking

When you arrive at Erg Chebbi, you will be asked to take only what you need in a small bag, as you must carry all of your belongings and the required water for the night on your camel.

Camel Trekking in the Desert

For a few hours, you can enjoy the surreal landscape and marvel at the existence of tiny Berber camps tucked away beneath the mountainous dunes.

Overnight in a Sahara Desert Camp

The Nomad campsites are made up of a circle of traditional woollen tents with a central fire pit. It is a simple affair, with basic sleeping and toilet facilities.

Sunrise in the Sahara

If you only spend one night in the Sahara, you will most likely head back to the main hotel early in the morning, so it’s an early start and a cold one.

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