Best Things to do in Montreux 2 Day Itinerary

There are many interesting things to do in Montreux; we recommend allowing at least two days.

With this two-day Montreux itinerary, you can choose the best sights in Montreux for your interests to make the most of your time in the beautiful Swiss Riviera.

DAY 1: Breakfast

There are some lovely hotels and cafes with stunning views of the Swiss Alps across Lake Geneva.

Walk the Lakefront Promenade

Take a walk along the scenic lakefront boulevard towards Chillon Castle from the Tourist Information Bureau. Keep an eye out for the palm trees along the boardwalk.

Freddie Mercury Statue

Freddie was so taken with the serenity of Montreux he not only settled there in the last years of his life but also bought the Mountain Studio recording studio where he recorded his last album, “Made in Heaven”.

DAY 2: Gruyeres Medieval Castle & Cheese Factory

At Gruyeres, you will see the castle up on the hill above the station. It will take about 20 minutes to walk to the castle. Or check to see if there is a bus from the station.

Cailler Chocolate Factory

Take the train to Broc Fabrique. You will see the Nestle Outlet shop at the station and, a little further down the road, the Cailler Chocolate Factory.

Final Night in Montreux and Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hotel Gardens

Montreux has always attracted famous musicians to the town and is well known for the annual Montreux Jazz Festival.

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