Best Things to do in Montenegro

To say Montenegro is the new Croatia and Kotor is the new Dubrovnik is a flippant dismissal of Montenegro’s unique and staggering beauty.

Possibly one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans; these incredible things to do in Montenegro will show why this tiny country is worth visiting.

Experience the Astonishing Natural Beauty of Montenegro

Mountains rise dramatically from the crystal clear sea where ancient monasteries cling impossibly to cliff faces.

Cruise The Bay of Kotor

Island monasteries overlook elegant water-front eateries, and small organised beaches offer a splash of colour and a delightful experience.

Kotor Old Town

While Kotor does cater to the tourist well and prices may be slightly inflated inside the walls, it has a more authentic, lived-in atmosphere.

Visit the Cats Museum

The Cats Museum has a fascinating collection of memorabilia, artefacts and art honouring the feline locals of Kotor.

Climb the Kotor Fortress to the Castle Of San Giovanni

The best time to climb is in the morning to avoid the day’s heat. There are rest stops on the way up, including at the Church of Our Lady of Remedy.


Montenegro’s most  tourist-populated beach town is not just about beach bars, hotels, nightclubs, and shopping malls; it also has one of the most beautiful old towns in the country.

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