Best Things to do in Fez-A Guide to Morocco’s Ancient City

Fez Morocco, the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities is a fascinating collection of urban centres built across the ages. It’s not hard to find incredible things to do in Fez.

An authentic eighth-century walled city – Fes el Bali. The 13th-century New City – Fes el Jdid, and finally the French’s 20th-century contribution- Ville Nouvelle.

The Fez Medina

Vibrant souks ooze with exotic  old-world atmosphere, the heady aromas of local cuisine and at times, an overwhelming intensity.

The Preservation and Restoration of Fez Medina

Along with new places to shop and eat. Cooking schools and tours honouring deeply rooted traditions, riads in the Medina are being bought up by Europeans and restored.

Visit the Tanners Quarter – The Chouara Tannery

Hides are dunked in vats of cow urine and quicklime to remove any remaining remnants of hair before being softened in an acidic wash of pigeon droppings.

Visiting the Chouara Tannery

When looking for the tanneries, be wary of touts promising to show you the way as a gesture of kindness. At best, they may want a fee for their service.

Visit the Al Quaraouiyine Library

Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter any place of worship in Fez, but a recently restored wing of the Al Quaraouiyine library is now open to the general public.

Medersa Bou Inania

Medersa Bou Inania boasts mosaics, stucco-work and beautiful lattice screens carved from fragrant cedar wood carefully restored to their original breathtaking beauty.

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