Best Things to do in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Massachusetts is the perfect summertime destination. The Massachusetts cape offers wildlife, adventure, and entertainment for both kids and adults.

Top tourist attractions in Cape Cod include the Cape Cod National Seashore, Pilgrim history, and the JFK Museum.

Learn about Pilgrim History

The site is significant because it was a safe harbor for the pilgrims before they set out for Plymouth. It was also the place where the Mayflower Compact was signed.

Wine Tasting

The sand-rich soil and windswept climate give regional grapes an intense flavor and a unique varietal character.

Explore Lighthouses

If you’ve ever eaten from a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips, then you’ve likely seen the Nauset Light with its signature white body and red top.

Catch a Movie at the Wellfleet Drive-in Theater

There’s a full snack bar and even an on-site mini-golf course that dates back to the 60s. You can pre-purchase tickets online up to 5 days in advance to secure your spot.

Whale Watching

In the seasonally warm Atlantic waters, you’ll find various species of whales including Humpbacks, Finbacks, and Minkes as well as several species of shark and dolphins.

Island Hopping

The ferry ride between the mainland and the islands usually lasts around 1 hour. The two most popular islands to visit off Cape Cod’s coast are Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

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