Unforgettable Places to Visit in Southern Spain


The whitewashed villages of Southern Spain lie like collections of white dice lined up by a river, scattered alongside a beach, or clustered on a hilltop in the Sierras.

Each has its unique atmosphere, and many make a great day trip from the main centers such as Màlaga, Seville, or Grenada.

Montefrío, Granada

It looms high above twin ravines dominating the local landscape, littered with evidence of prehistoric Dolmen builders.

Frigiliana, Málaga

Perhaps the prettiest of all the white villages in Andalucia, with its patterned cobblestone streets, blue-painted doors, and window shutters.

Agua Amarga, Almería

Hemmed in by high cliffs, tourist development might be a long way off, so enjoy its unspoiled beach and beachfront bars and restaurants.

Gaucín Malaga

It is called the ‘Balcony of the Serrania’ because of the magnificent views across the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and Morocco.

Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville

It is definitely the most alcoholic, with a long local tradition of organic winemaking, production of cherry brandy, and aniseed liqueur.


A vast wetland area home to spoonbills, bee-eaters, flamingos, and a wealth of other birdlife and plants.

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