5 Best Picnic Spots in NYC


New York City has some of the most beautiful picnic-worthy green spaces, both indoors and out. Including, of course, the city’s famous Central Park.

Whether you’re a visitor planning your New York itinerary or a resident looking for non-touristy things to do in NYC, pack the hamper, throw a picnic blanket in your bag, or simply grab a pizza and a bottle of wine.

Fort Tryon Park

After a series of steep walking paths and stone stairways cut into the hillside, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views from the second-highest point in Manhattan.

Prospect Park

You can DIY your own picnic or grab an alfresco feast at New York’s famous Smorgasburg outdoor food market featuring foods from all five boroughs.

Gothic Bridge Central Park

While there aren’t any dedicated picnic tables, it’s a fantastic spot to throw a blanket on a bench and enjoy an alfresco meal and a beautiful view.

The Ford Foundation Atrium

Trees fill the space, and the sound of water running from a small central pool creates a sense of calm in the city.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

The park has loads of facilities, including world-class dining options, a plethora of sporting facilities, beaches, lush rolling hills, and gardens.

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