10 Best National Parks to Visit in the Winter


What are the best national parks to visit in the winter? Whether you’re looking to escape the snow or go on a wintery outdoor adventure, there’s a US national park awaiting you!

With fewer crowds blocking the views and scenery so unique it’ll get your jaw down to the ground, there’s plenty of reasons to put these epic national parks at the top of your winter bucket list.

Death Valley National Park, California

Don’t let its name fool you. Death Valley National Park brims with life, and there’s no better time in the year to experience its desert magic than winter.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The entire national park becomes a winter paradise of snow-capped forests, frozen lakes, and alluring geysers that look out of this world.

Arches National Park, Utah

A visit to Arches National Park in Utah will make you feel as though you’ve completely left Earth and wandered into Mars.

Biscayne National Park, Florida

You can check out the 5% of the park that’s actually on land and consists of epic little islands that you can explore on foot in search of epic wildlife and unparalleled nature.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Think red rock canyons plastered  all over and sandstone spires piercing the sky to get a pretty good picture of what visiting Canyonlands National Park is all about.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Imagine one of the USA’s most famous views, but dusted in a layer of snow!

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