7 Most Scenic Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park


With staggering mountain views, waterfalls, scenic lakes, abundant wildlife, scenic hikes, and challenging climbs, Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the best hiking in the USA. 

If stunning scenery is what you’re after, RMNP delivers. These are the best scenic hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park for every hiking level.

Bear Lake

One of the most visited scenic trails in RMNP, the trail around the beautiful lake is short, flat, and accessible, making it easy for anyone to enjoy this hike.

Emerald Lake

The small lake covered in lilypads is incredibly serene. Follow Nymph Lake around, ascending slightly to the next lake.

Adams Falls

Adams Falls is a gorgeous waterfall with a fantastic lookout point in front of the falls.  It is also where you can find some of the park’s best, most vibrant fall colors.

Bierstadt Lake

This trail is great for spotting wildlife and wildflowers. As you reach the top, you’ll reach a wooded area before arriving at Bierstadt Lake.

Odessa Lake

Once you arrive, you’ll find a gorgeous, reflective lake framed with the granite peaks of Little Matterhorn. You can fish here or just relax and enjoy the view before returning.

Lake Haiyaha

A rockslide in Chaos Canyon deposited sediment that dispersed minerals into the water, turning it a magnificently milky-turquoise color.

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