Best Amalfi Coast Towns to Visit

From the stunning beaches to the cascades of colorful houses clinging to steep cliffs, the Costiera Amalfitana is one of the most beautiful places in Italy to visit.

The picturesque  11,231-hectare coastline stretch is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site making it one of the most popular destinations on many Italian road trip itineraries.

Amalfi–The Namesake

Beyond the beach clubs and stunning vistas, there’s plenty to do and see in Amalfi, even if it’s just soaking up the atmosphere and indulging in local gastronomy in the quaint cafes and restaurants.

Atrani–Amalfi’s Tiny Neighbor

Atrani isn’t as famous  (or crowded) as other Amalfi Coast towns such as Amalfi or Positano. Yet, it’s a charming little spot with cobblestone lanes and a laid-back vibe.

Positano–The Vertical City

The vibrant cliffside town is the quintessential romantic Italian getaway and, as Instagram proves, famous for capturing highly choreographed pictures in front of pastel-colored houses.

Praiano–Sleepy Fishing Village

If you’re in Praiano, don’t miss a chance to admire Paulo Sandulli’s artwork in the Torre a Mare stone watchtower.

Conca dei Marini– City of Sailors

Once you step into the natural cave and see how the water takes a brilliant shade of turquoise when the light hits it, you’ll understand where the “emerald” in the name comes from.

Ravello–City of Music

Home of open-air concerts, dazzling architecture, and enchanting gardens.

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