15 Beautiful Islands in Italy to Visit


Italy has a fabulous diversity of destinations. From the ancient city of Rome to the atmospheric home of pizza, Naples, the stunning Ligurian coast, and the charming villages of Cinque Terre.

These are some of the best islands in Italy, offering a magical array of Italian culture, food, and experiences.

Cefalù, Sicily

Enjoy views of the cathedral from one of the many cafes and restaurants in the busy piazza. The perfect place to enjoy a famous Sicilian granita, a cold, sweet treat made from water, sugar, and fruit.

Aeolian Islands

Its central location and collection of excellent restaurants and hotels, particularly in the town of Malfa, make it the perfect base for exploring the Aeolians.


Sardinia has a plethora of stunning beaches with clear waters. It has mountains, hiking trails galore, plenty of wineries for wine tastings, and lots of beautiful cities and small towns.

Caprera, La Maddalena Archipelago (Sardinia)

Known in Sardinia as Little Tahiti, this protected cove can be reached on guided hikes that must be booked with one of the registered guides of Maddalena National Park.

Elba Island

Elba offers visitors a wealth of experiences from pristine beaches, hiking, snorkeling, and plenty of historical attractions.


A true delight in Venice is simply walking down the quiet streets away from the crowds to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy an aperitivo and a cicchetti snack by the water.

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