15+ Amazing Things to do in Capri Italy


One of the most beautiful islands in Italy is the enchanting isle of Capri off the famed Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.

The island of Capri has been a favorite holiday destination. From the Ancient Greeks, Roman Emperors, and royalty to Jackie O, who cemented the island’s place as a must-go destination in Italy in the 60s.

Take a Boat Tour

You can take a boat tour around the island to enjoy some of the best sites in Capri. You’ll get amazing views of the striking limestone cliffs and see the celebrity houses perched along the edge.

Visit the Blue Grotto

It gets its name from the intense blue color of the water inside, caused by sunlight reflecting off the underwater rocks.

Explore Villa Jovis

The villa sits on top of a cliff at the end of Capri with stunning views of the Gulf of Naples. Visitors can explore the sprawling ancient ruins of Villa Jovis, including baths, servants’ quarters, and more.

Take the Chairlift to Mount Solaro

Looking for a fun experience? Ride the chairlift to Mount Solaro in Anacapri for breathtaking views of Capri. The summit can be reached via a chairlift (Seggiovia) or on foot.

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele’s gardens are indeed something to behold, with sweeping views of the Bay of Naples. The gardens are filled with trees, plants, sculptures, and a gorgeous pergola.

Explore the Piazza Umberto

Enjoy a parade of impeccably dressed people passing by on their way to one-of-a-kind high end stores.

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