15 Amazing Places to Visit in Florida


One of the best things about Florida? Its mesmerizing natural wonders range from deep caverns to labyrinths of mangroves and crystal-clear springs set in the middle of verdant forests.

If you’re on the lookout for fantastic places to visit in Florida, here are 15 destinations in the Sunshine State that need to be on your bucket list!

Blue Spring State Park

It is the largest spring on the St. Johns River and one of the best places to see Florida’s famous West Indian manatees.

Florida Caverns State Park

Let's go underground and weave into a maze of cave systems and hidden rooms, where you’ll get to see mysterious stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and flowstones that look otherworldly.

Florida Keys

There are many amazing small towns in the Florida Keys; each island has its own unique vibe; some are party islands while others are more laidback; some are upscale and home to the rich and famous.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

From wading into the water to snorkeling in search of colorful coral to exploring aboard a glass-bottom boat, there are an endless number of ways to explore Florida’s underwater world at John Pennekamp.

St. Augustine

You’ll find quaint streets lined with small businesses, white sandy beaches, and historical sites like Castillo de San Marcos and the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Dry Tortugas National Park

While visiting, you can snorkel in search of untouched coral reefs, try to find as many marine species as you can, or hit a few hiking trails on the 7 islands that make up the remaining 1% of the park.

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