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The Best Foods for Your Holiday Breakfast

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The Best Foods for Your Holiday Breakfast

For most of the year, breakfast signals the beginning of a busy day. When we’re busy or in a hurry, we don’t always make the healthiest of choices. On holidays though, breakfast becomes more than just a necessary fuelling for the day ahead.

Blissful holiday mornings when the alarm doesn’t sound and there is no hurry for anything. You can take all the time necessary to prepare something really healthy to boost your energy for the day. Breakfast can be one of the most leisurely and enjoyable parts of your day. 

Whether it’s a relaxing holiday or an adventure trip, your body still needs a nutritious start. If you find yourself at the hotel breakfast buffet or preparing your own food, pay attention to your breakfast choices. It’s easy to lapse or be tempted on holidays so try to lean towards healthy food groups that will really optimise your energy levels and maximise your holiday experience. 

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What to Avoid

As a basic rule of thumb portion size matters, especially if you aim to be active all day. It’s best not to overload the body with heavy digestive duties in the morning. While a nice pain au chocolat may appear to be a delight, it’s wise not to exceed on carbohydrates.

While you should limit your consumption of bread and pastry, also be wary of vegetables and fruits rich in fibre as these require a long digestion period. Pears and bananas are key examples. If you suffer from gastritis, it’s generally better to avoid citrus fruits that can cause irritation of the intestine, making tomatoes and spicy foods no-go breakfast foods.

One myth to dispel is the importance of milk for breakfast. Long considered essential to growing strong and maintaining healthy bones, for some, the pros of living without milk are evident too – such as improved skin and reduced bloating. Of course, you will need to replace what you’re missing and alternatives are available: from classic soya to tasty almond milk or even refreshing coconut milk, the daily choices are growing.

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Awakening Friendly Foods

Not all fruits should be avoided though. Generally, your body will enjoy watermelon, apples, blueberries, peaches and mango to gently vitalise it for the day ahead.

Not all carbs are taboo either: cereals can be good and oat flakes are ideal as they are delicate to the intestine. Honey is the preferred sweetener, it favours the secretion of serotonin which helps to stabilise mood.

Eating eggs at breakfast is also a great way to start the day. Eggs are full of protein and other nutrients that give the metabolism something healthy to feast on for the rest of the day. Eggs also help to reduce daily caloric intake – although remember, the fried option is best limited.

No breakfast is complete without a drink, but why not switch up your coffee for a healthier green tea? Infusions with fennel or refreshing mint are preferable and abound in ulterior health benefits.

Packing a portable blender when you travel is a great way to easily make fresh juices and smoothies on the go. But most importantly, if you’re in a place where you cannot trust tap water, make sure you always drink bottled mineral water and avoid having ice added to drinks.

When on holidays, you have the opportunity to ease yourself into each day. By following these simple tips, you can really make the most of your holiday breakfasts, treat your body to what it needs and explore the local delicacies at the same time.

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