REVIEW AthensWas Hotel. Athens, Greece

REVIEW AthensWas Hotel. Athens is a city where ancient history lies side by side with modern society. At every turn, ancient ruins form part of the urban landscape. Whether dining in the shadow [...]

Preserving The History Of Leros.

 One mans vision and dedication has preserved some of Leros Islands most important history. Just one more reason this Greek Island is worth a visit. We recently shared a fascinating insight into [...]

Reasons to Visit Leros Island Greece

 Discover one of the best Greek Island experiences in the Dodecanese Group of Islands – Leros Island   The Aegean hides a little secret just off the Turkish coast, one the millions of [...]

The Hidden Treasures Of Leros.

The island of Leros, one of the Dodecanese group (the “other” Greek islands)  has a very chequered past. Leros sits closer to the Turkey coast than it does to the Greek mainland.  The harbour of [...]

Christmas in Leros, Greece

Leros is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese in the southern Aegean Sea. We are yacht sitting here for 3 months over the winter. On this charming island, with a winter population of less than [...]

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