Affordable Mediterranean Sailing Holidays.

Sailing In The Mediterranean

Have you ever dreamt of sailing the Mediterranean on your own private yacht?  

If you thought this type of holiday was only within reach of the rich and famous – Think again!

Recently we were invited on the maiden voyage of MedSea ES Canada, a Turkish Gulet sailing the calm, unspoilt waters of the southwest Turkish coast and the Greek Dodecanese Islands. For seven glorious days, we indulged in the beauty of the Mediterranean.  Soaking up the luxury on board MedSea ES Canada whilst being treated to secluded coves and bays and the coastal and island villages of The Med.

MedSea Yachts.Sailing In The Mediterranean

Take a moment to see what one luxurious week sailing in the Mediterranean looks like and I challenge you not to rethink your next holiday.

We started our voyage in the Turkish coastal town of Marmaris. An area, along with neighbouring Bodrum, well known for the two or three masted wooden yachts known as Gulets. This is where we met MedSea ES Canada, our home for the next seven days.

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris Harbour

Gulets are a very popular style of yacht for charter and you can see why, they are spacious and quite luxurious. MedSea’s fleet of three vessels, including the newest in the fleet, MedSea ES Canada lived up to expectations and then some.

Your Home Away from Home.

Much like a floating hotel, vessels are very well appointed with spacious cabins and ensuites. MedSea ES Canada has 8 cabins with ensuites including a very large Master cabin.

There is loads of deck space and plenty of lounging areas for sunbathing and relaxing, in or out of the sun. The top deck has comfortable sunbeds for 16 as well as large shaded daybeds on the aft deck and undercover couch areas on the foredeck.

MedSea Yachts. Sailing In The Mediterranean

MedSea Yachts. Sailing In The Mediterranean

Large dining areas on both the aft and fore decks allow for a different dining outlook when the mood takes you.

MedSea Yachts. Mediterranean

Indulge, Enjoy And Be Thoroughly Spoilt!

With a professional crew of four on board, expect that you will be well catered to. Each day our chef prepared incredible Mediterranean feasts using fresh local produce. Some so fresh it was procured from the local villages we stopped at along the way or from local vendors that would come along side in quiet bays.

Sailing In The Mediterranean

The crew purchased some fresh figs and almonds from this gentleman of which we have never tasted the like. Since, we have not been able to appreciate even the best figs, as they do not come close in flavour or texture.

MedSea Yachts. Mediterranean Dining

MedSea Yachts. Mediterranean Dining

And there is always a crew member at the ready if you want to go snorkelling, need a lilo blown up so you can float your afternoon away or if you wish to try your hand at waterskiing, that too can be arranged. So if complete relaxation isn’t your thing, there are plenty of activities to keep the adventurous and active entertained.

Greece Dodacenese Islands

MedSea Yachts.Sailing In The Mediterranean1

Discover Charming Local Villages And Picturesque Islands Loaded With History. 

While we were not indulging our bellies, floating our cares away in the crystal clear waters or succumbing to total relaxation on the aft daybeds (AKA snoozing!), we were exploring a new village or island. From the small coastal towns of Turkey, some well off the tourist trail, to the Dodecanese Islands of Greece, each day was open for a new local experience.


MedSea Yachts.Sailing In The Mediterranean

Nights spent between quiet anchorages or alongside in quaint little island ports gave us a wonderful mix of tranquil evenings under the stars and the lively Mediterranean village nightlife of waterfront promenades lined with traditional tavernas.


MedSea Yachts.Sailing In The Mediterranean

Now, pause for a moment and picture yourself sitting here. Sailing in the Mediterranean on a beautiful yacht is no longer a lifestyle reserved for the rich and famous.

As an all inclusive price, sailing The Med is now probably more affordable than parking up at a hotel or resort for a week and a whole lot nicer.

MedSea Yachts.Mediterranean


MedSea Yachts has three vessels in its fleet ranging from 14 metres in length with 2 cabins – perfect for families or couples, up to the 30 metre, 8 cabin MedSea ES Canada.

Vessels may be booked privately or on a per cabin basis depending on availability.

Prices start at €500 per person per week including meals.

Itineraries for each voyage will vary according to weather and season to ensure the best experiences. Itineraries can also be customised for private charters to suit your holiday. 

Charters depart from Marmaris, Turkey which is serviced by Dalaman International Airport. There are direct flights from most international ports with a transfer in Istanbul.

A tourist visa is required for Turkey which can be obtained easily online or now, at arrival in Istanbul Immigration. However, it is advisable to have your visa complete before arrival in Turkey.

Contact MedSea Yachts for up to date rates to suit your Mediterranean holiday needs.

 As always, all opinions expressed are our own and have not been influenced in any way.


  • I can’t believe how affordable that sounds! This is something I would love to do and always assumed it would cost a fortune!

  • Hi Mark & Kate – what a fantastic post. Your photos are so colourful and vibrant… I feel like i’ve been on a little holiday just reading.

    I was lucky enough to experience a sailing trip in Turkey a few years back. Crystal clear waters, secluded coves and the calming lull of the sea is quite something. Did you guys go to Dalyan or Seliyme? Highly recommend both! Dalyan is the most remarkable place… accessible by small boat, navigating through the maze of reeds with sea turtles and ancient tombs to be seen! Seliyme is a stunning little fishing town that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Both incredible to visit by boat :).

    Thanks for the great post and for proving that this is an experience available to everyone. Will be sharing :).


    • Hi Gabby and thank you,

      We are so glad you enjoyed it. We did not get to Dalyan or Seliyme but by the sound of it may have to put them on the list for next time. This was our second trip to Turkey this year, the fist it snowed like crazy, and this time we were blessed with the most amazing weather, a complete contrast. It is such a gorgeous country we wouldn’t be surprised if went back again, especially to do another sailing trip.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Mark & Kate

  • Looks really nice! I would not mind sailing on this boat, but since we started our own adventure with sailing and are learning how to sail I would rather be a member of a crew than a tourist 🙂 Your photos are truly stunning!

    • Thank you Monika. A beautiful yacht and stunning location make for great photography. I think it would be a lovely boat to crew on, I know our crew were certainly happy with their jobs. Happy sailing and thanks for stopping by.

  • Wow, these are great photos and it was a beautiful yacht you were on. We have been sailing in the mediterranean a few years ago (a small sailing boat though…) and the experience was just amazing. I can’t wait for another opportunity to go sailing there again.

  • Now, that’s how you sail the Mediterranean. I sailed last year on a boat with the max 88 pax. This is even more intimate and personable. I’d love to give it a try. Love your photos!


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