Post Communist Kitsch In The City Of Statues.

Post Communist Kitsch In The City Of Statues.

Excuse the mess but Skopje Macedonia has been undergoing a facelift. More than city beautification, Skopje is reinventing itself.  The controversial “Project 2014” has been widely criticised as an over priced frivolous display of nationalistic kitsch, some even labelling it a mini Vegas. New museums, government buildings, bridges and countless monuments (preferably with a water feature) laying claim to historical Macedonian figures…
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The Pearl Of Macedonia – Lake Ohrid.

The Pearl Of Macedonia – Lake Ohrid.

After a hot summer in Athens, we didn’t realise how much we needed to get out of the city for a good dose of fresh air, that is until we crossed the border into the Republic of Macedonia.  Driving into Ohrid the air was cool and fresh, the streets clean and uncluttered.  The magnificent mountain ranges set a dramatic backdrop…
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